Adorable dog roamed down a busy street soliciting assistance from everyone it encountered

In an attempt to garner attention, a homeless dog in Romania used to relentlessly chase after every person passing by. She was a street survivor, but her behavior indicated that she recognized some of the people she encountered might be able to help her.

She was often seen walking in various directions, dodging cars and trailing people, almost as if searching for something or someone.

Fortunately, the rescuers at Howl of the Dog were made aware of the homeless dog’s situation and decided to find her and offer assistance.

The volunteers of the rescue organization were determined to save the helpless puppy, as they aimed to improve her condition and provide her with a better life. Upon arriving at the location, they quickly located her, but had to be cautious not to startle her too much, lest she run away.

The rescuers were determined to ensure that the puppy did not run out onto the street and get hit by a car, so they developed a plan to approach her slowly and offered her various treats to gain her trust.

The plan worked successfully, as the volunteers were able to slip a leash around her neck and rescue her in a matter of minutes. The process became much smoother after that, and they decided to take her to a nearby veterinarian for a medical check-up and to identify any issues she may have.

During the car ride, the dog appeared to be enjoying herself, and they arrived at the vet clinic in no time.

The veterinarian examined her thoroughly, and checked for a microchip, which is mandatory in Romania, to determine her age and whether she needed any vaccinations. They discovered that the dog, named Lily by her rescuers, was two years old, healthy, and had received all necessary vaccinations, which made everyone happy.

The rescuers wanted to ensure that Lily was well-cared for, so they administered some medication and vitamins to boost her immune system and prevent illness. They also had to trim a portion of her fur as she had gotten chewing gum stuck in it, which could not be removed otherwise.

She was given a thorough bath and cleaned up nicely before being taken to a nearby park for her first walk. Lily was a little bewildered and unsure of what to do, but her rescuers helped her and soon she was having fun playing with other dogs.

Thanks to the shelter volunteers, Lily was ready to start her new life; all she needed now was to find a permanent home.

The good news came quickly, as Lily didn’t have to wait long before a family from Germany agreed to adopt her permanently.

The staff at the shelter were thrilled with the news of Lily’s adoption and decided to share the good news on their Facebook page. They wrote:

“We are excited to announce that Lily has found a wonderful home in Germany!”

Lily has finally found a caring home, and she is now surrounded by the love of her family and the company of her adopted brother, Mambo.

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