Affectionate Lab Mix, Known as a ‘Couch Potato,’ Continues to Await their Forever Home After Spending Two Years with a Rescue

With her weight of 85 pounds, Mom – also known as “Big Mom” – rightfully earns her name. She possesses an endearing and calming nature, always ready to snuggle up to her humans. Although her son has already been adopted, Mom remains at the Cypress Lucky Mutt Rescue in Texas, hoping for her own permanent home after two long years. During this time, she has stayed with several different fosters, including Nancy Byron, who ended up taking her in for an unusual reason.

According to Byron, “She spent a year with a previous foster until they returned her because she dislikes going for walks. As a dog lover who understands the value of a low-key pup, I was stunned.”

Mom is a certified couch potato, not fond of intense physical activities. She prefers to do her business outside, briefly run around the yard, and bark at the fence, before heading back indoors where her treat awaits. Nancy Byron, one of Mom’s fosters, comments on her easygoing nature, saying, “She’s so simple to care for… She’s a sweetheart… She likes to be pampered and brushed, putting her head in my lap, and loves receiving affection. There’s something about her gentle nature that makes it easy to connect with her.”

Despite her kindheartedness, Mom also has a timid side, which Byron finds unusual for larger dogs. As an experienced dog owner and foster, she has noticed that Mom needed time to get comfortable with her surroundings when she first arrived at her home. Although she has settled in and is now a loving companion, there are still a few things that frighten her, such as inclement weather.

Like many dogs in a new environment, Mom will need some time to adjust to her new home, but once she gets comfortable with you, she’ll make a great companion to spend the day with.

Byron says, “She’s just so laid-back. She’s not one of those dogs that jumps all over you for attention. That could be dangerous, especially given her size. She’s just really easy to be around. Anyone who adopts her should expect her to spend a lot of time relaxing on her dog bed. I’m sure she’d also love to curl up on the couch and watch TV with you, especially if it involves treats. If you’re eating popcorn, she’s eating popcorn. You know the drill. AND you don’t have to take her for walks, so…”

For the most part, brushing, bathing, and hanging out would be her maintenance routine in a forever home, which is something she’s been waiting for for a long time. In Byron’s experience as a foster, she’s unfortunately seen many larger dogs and pit bulls struggle to find homes.

Thankfully, Cypress Lucky Mutt makes sure that all of their rescued dogs have a good quality of life while they wait for their forever homes. The rescue has actually saved the lives of many of the dogs in their care. Cypress Lucky Mutt ensures that each dog receives necessary veterinary care, such as vaccinations, spaying and neutering, and treatment for heartworm, as well as treatment for any other issues they may have upon entering the rescue. They are always prepared to take on challenging cases, often from more challenging areas of Texas, and rehabilitate these dogs. Often, these dogs are then transported to their forever homes in other states, with the rescue using their own air-conditioned van for transport. They do at least one transport to the Northeast per month, and sometimes even more, to get the dogs to their waiting adopters.

The rescue has done everything they can for Mom, but they are really hoping that this affectionate dog finally gets the happy ending she deserves.

Byron says, “Mom is a dog that deserves a loving home, and she has been overlooked for far too long. She is the perfect companion for someone who is not looking for a young or very active dog, just somebody to relax with. I think she’s perfect. She gets along well with other dogs, and she is easy to be around. She’s not overly demanding, but she will certainly keep you warm at night if she sleeps in your bed. Whoever adopts her will be very fortunate.”

Not long ago, Mom was placed under the foster care of the president of the rescue, Crystal Kiddy, who has two young children. Kiddy also has something to share: Mom, fittingly named, is also great with children.

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