After 14 adoption attempts failed, ‘unlucky’ dog Ronald has ultimately discovered a home

Every dog in a shelter dreams of discovering their own forever home, but the adoption process is not always straightforward despite the dedicated efforts of shelters. Some animals have to wait for a considerable amount of time, and occasionally adoptions do not work out as intended.

Recently, we shared the story of Ronald, a dog who faced an extraordinary series of unfortunate events with 14 unsuccessful adoption attempts. However, he remained resilient, and finally, this charming dog has found a loving home!

On January 11, the SPCA of Wake County shared Ronald’s narrative. Ronald is a “big boy” with a substantial physique, which might have made certain households, particularly those with young children, hesitant to adopt him, even though he weighs only 63 pounds. The shelter believes that Ronald’s size was a contributing factor to his numerous unsuccessful adoption attempts.

They also referred to Ronald as a “large pup” who, when excited or exhibiting a “playful nibble,” would rise on his hind legs and gently place his front paws on you.

While certain families might have found Ronald to be a bit overwhelming, the SPCA remained optimistic that there was an individual out there for whom he would be the ideal companion.

“Ronald is remarkably gentle, understands commands well, and gratefully accepts praise. The SPCA observed that he is an exceptionally well-behaved dog. He loves receiving treats and showcasing his tricks, so he will excel as a student in any training program.”

Fortunately, Ronald’s luck took a sudden positive turn. The shelter received an overwhelming number of adoption inquiries after his story went viral, reaching maximum capacity for adoption requests.

According to SPCA spokeswoman Samantha Ranlet, Ronald’s streak of unfortunate events came to a complete halt. We are currently experiencing an overwhelming demand.

In a remarkable turn of events, the SPCA has recently declared that “Ronald’s streak of misfortune has come to an end.”

The SPCA conveyed that Ronald’s new family has provided positive feedback, stating that he is integrating wonderfully with the children, and they have developed a strong affection for him. The SPCA shared photos of Ronald with his new family and reassured them about his smooth adjustment.

After 14 unsuccessful attempts, Ronald appears to have finally found success in adoption. The SPCA was overjoyed by this fantastic news and the overwhelming wave of support for Ronald.

They took to Facebook to express their gratitude, saying, “We sincerely appreciate all of you who shared Ronald’s story. Your messages of support and generous offers to assist him have left us deeply moved. Thanks to the widespread sharing, Ronald’s story reached approximately one million people on the very first day. His entire environment underwent a radical and unexpected transformation. It never ceases to amaze us how much influence you all wield at your keyboards to transform someone’s life!”

We are incredibly grateful that Ronald has discovered his “forever home” and that his streak of unfortunate events has come to an end. Help us share this wonderful news!

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