After 477 days of waiting at the shelter, the dog was finally adopted by a new owner

Alexander spent 15 months at the shelter, patiently waiting for a loving family to adopt him. Like many other dogs, he watched as numerous pets were selected before him.

Fortunately, Alexander’s long wait came to an end when he was finally adopted after spending more than 450 days in the shelter. He was rescued from a crowded shelter where his life was in danger and then taken to Wags and Walks in Los Angeles, where he resided for 15 months.

At around three years old, Alexander is an 80-pound dog who has been affectionately nicknamed the “gentle giant.” Despite being described as a shepherd/doberman mix on his paperwork, the shelter suspects he may also have some Great Dane in him, according to a post on their Facebook page.

Alexander is known for being a friendly and happy dog who is always wagging his tail, and he “has never met a person he didn’t love,” says Wags and Walks. The shelter adds that he is very affectionate and is still learning how to walk on a leash.

However, Alexander remained unwanted and ignored by potential adopters. Sadly, while he was in the shelter, over 800 other dogs found homes, as reported by KABC.

Wags and Walks development manager, Chloe Esperiquette, expressed, “It has been incredibly difficult and heartbreaking for all of us at Wags to see sweet Alexander waiting and waiting for so long through no fault of his own.”

But after 477 days of waiting, Alexander’s long wait is now over. Wags and Walks announced on January 27 that he had finally been adopted.

After waiting patiently for a home for almost a year and a half, the shelter expressed their joy, stating, “We’re thrilled to announce that thanks to the support of our community, Alexander has gone on an adoption trial with a wonderful family.”

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