After a long wait of 10 months, this family is finally reunited with their beloved dog and emotions run high

“Caution: Please be advised that this video may bring tears to your eyes,” warns the caption of this emotional clip. Viewers have been shedding tears of joy as they watch the heartwarming reunion between a family and their dog, who had been lost for 10 months. Proceed with care. :’-)

The Sheriff’s Office of Highlands County reported, “This is Conway. On November 11, 2021, he disappeared in Hardee County. He was discovered strolling along a road in Sebring ten months later and was brought to Animal Services. He was emaciated and tired, and appeared almost nothing like the robust, joyful dog he was when he vanished. However, he had a microchip, and we were able to make this happen because of it.” Incredible!

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