An 18-year-old dog, who had run away, rang the doorbell of her owner’s home in the middle of the night to signal her return

Rajah’s owners were startled when their doorbell rang in the middle of the night. This inquisitive and resourceful 18-year-old rescue dog from upstate New York had her owners experiencing a range of emotions on July 4th when she ran off into the night. We should never underestimate a dog’s ability to observe and make us laugh.

The fireworks had frightened the poor Rajah, causing her to flee.

Mary Lynn Whitacre and Ryan Washick of Simpsonville, Rajah’s owners, lost sight of their pet after a neighbor’s fireworks startled her around 5 p.m. that day. Rajah jumped over the backyard fence and was nowhere to be seen.

Mary Lynn and Ryan searched for Rajah for hours after her escape. Although she had run off before, she always returned within 5 or 10 minutes. Ryan and Mary Lynn also made a social media post about their missing dog but did not receive any concrete leads. However, soon after they returned home, something remarkable occurred. Ryan and Mary Lynn’s Ring doorbell was about to provide an exciting surprise.

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Rajah was about to make a grand entrance.

Around 2:30 a.m., Ryan heard scratching at the front door and someone ringing the Ring doorbell. To their astonishment, it was Rajah!

Despite being missing for over 10 hours, Rajah had returned and was ringing the doorbell to be let back inside.

Ryan and Mary Lynn were incredulous when they watched the Ring Cam footage of Rajah at the door. She appeared to gaze straight into the camera, as if to communicate, “I’m back, please let me in.”

Mary Lynn Whitacre stated that she and Ryan burst out laughing when they saw Rajah’s face on the Ring Doorbell Cam. Rajah appeared to be tired of wandering around and was ready to go to sleep.

In the footage, Rajah is captured using her nose to press the Ring doorbell, signaling her presence. She then stares into the camera, seemingly checking if her message was received. Between each ring, there is a comical pause, as if she is waiting for a response.

Despite the initial worry about Rajah’s whereabouts, Ryan and Mary Lynn were grateful to see her return safe and sound, even though she was covered in mud. The experience only made them appreciate Rajah’s special qualities and love her even more.

When Ryan opened the door, Rajah was standing outside waiting to come back inside the house after her adventure. “Despite the loud noises of the fireworks, she decided to embark on an adventure but thankfully returned home. She even learned to ring the doorbell in the process. She’s such a clever girl,” said Mary Lynn.

Please take a look at this amusing video of Rajah’s secure and comical homecoming.

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