An 89-year-old Lady Knitted 450 Blankets And Coats For Shelter Dogs

When it comes to collaborating with shelter animals, there are ample opportunities available at local rescue organizations.

If you are seeking chances to collaborate with shelter animals, you will discover a multitude of opportunities and avenues to do so. There is an array of tasks that can be undertaken, such as walking dogs, fostering, cleaning kennels, or assisting with adoption events. Whatever the task may be, most local rescues warmly welcome volunteers who are willing to provide any form of assistance.

However, one British woman has discovered an exceptionally unique way to aid animals in need: she knits sweaters and blankets for them!

Maisie Green, an 89-year-old individual, has utilized her knitting skills to create numerous coats and blankets for dogs throughout the years. She generously donates all of her creations to the rescue dogs of the Dogs Trust Basildon shelter in the United Kingdom.

In the Dogs Trust Instagram post below, you can proudly see Maisie standing in front of her knitted creations for the rescue pets.

She expressed to the Dogs Trust Basildon, “I adore knitting and I adore dogs, so this beautifully combines both passions! It takes me three days to knit a blanket and one day to knit a doggy coat.”

With her extensive knitting efforts, it is evident that she takes great pleasure in assisting dogs in need as they search for their forever homes. Maisie knits in batches, and her family aids her in delivering her knitted donations to the shelter three times a year.

She has also mentioned that these knitting projects have given her a sense of purpose.

“It keeps me occupied, and I often enjoy knitting while watching television. I’m thrilled to contribute in some way to the well-being of the four-legged residents at the center,” she remarked.

Dogs Trust Basildon noted that by December 2018, Maisie had industriously knitted 450 items to keep the shelter animals warm.

The dogs at the shelter immensely appreciate the knitted items, whether they are from Maisie or elsewhere. Additionally, they appear incredibly adorable when they use them.

Take a look at this endearing Dogs Trust dog curled up with a knitted blanket.

Dogs Trust stands as one of the biggest dog rescue organizations in the United Kingdom, catering to the needs of over 16,000 abandoned and stray dogs annually. The organization presents various opportunities for volunteers to engage and contribute.

And what Maisie Green is accomplishing is undoubtedly a heartwarming gesture to give back. There is no doubt that the animals deeply value all of her remarkable contributions to them!

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