An elderly man stumbled upon a dog’s grave while taking a walk, and the emotional moment brought tears to his eyes

Some dogs spend their entire lives making positive contributions to human lives, and their dedication is never forgotten, even after they pass away. This is the story of Buddie, a deceased dog whose grave was recently discovered in Kiroli Park, West Monroe, Louisiana.

The grave was spotted by Zach Medlin while he was walking his dog in the park. He noticed something that appeared to be a stone underneath fallen leaves and pine needles. While his dog, Serena, was busy chasing ducks in a nearby lake, Zach was intrigued by the stone.

After some effort to uncover it, he eventually laid eyes on the stone and was taken aback by what he saw.

“The inscription was concealed by pine straw,” Medlin recounted to The Dodo. “So I had to clear away the pine straw to read what the grave marker said.”

“Buddie, 1928 — 1941. Born a dog / Died a gentleman.”

An 80-year-old dog grave was discovered in a 160-acre public park, and the poignant inscription brought tears to his eyes. It was evident that Buddie, their beloved dog, had been deeply loved and cherished by his family.

Later, he learned about Buddie’s story from a local legend. The dog had served as the mascot for a Boy Scouts summer camp. One day, when a boy was drowning while swimming in the lake, Buddie had noticed and started barking to alert the other Scouts, who then came to the rescue and saved the boy’s life.

However, a different account was provided by another source. Research conducted by Lora Peppers yielded contrasting results.

“According to Mrs. Dee Strickland, the dog belonged to Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Jones, residents of 215 Breard St., Monroe. Mrs. Strickland lived with the Jones family in 1932. The dog was a beautiful Irish setter. Mr. Jones used to bring him to Kiroli Park to run, so when he passed away, he decided to bury him in Kiroli Park,” she wrote on

Buddie’s resting place is still located in Kiroli Park. If you happen to visit the park one day, be sure to pay a visit to him!

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