Anxious Dog Is So Proud Whenever He Takes His Mom’s Pillows And Walks Around With Them Around The House

Many rescue dogs have been through so much trauma in their previous life that they develop behaviors that they take with them even when they get adopted by loving families. Like people, dogs can also experience a variety of emotions, such as anxiety, depression, happiness, and nervousness. Dogs that came from abusive families usually display behaviors that we may consider weird or unusual.

A Pit Bull named Amos was an anxious dog who didn’t like loud noises. Whenever he hears something loud, such as a door shutting, he would be so terrified that he would back away and refuse to go near the source of the noise. Amos’s mom, Mel, also felt distressed that her beloved dog felt anxious whenever he hears loud noises.

Mel decided to get a trainer to help train Amos to get over his fear of loud noises. Amos couldn’t even go through a certain corridor in Mel’s home. This was because the laundry room door kept making loud noises, which scared Amos. Mel wanted Amos to be able to walk around her home freely and without fear.

Thankfully, the training was a success and Amos was finally able to walk across the corridor where the laundry room was. Whenever he feels scared or anxious, he would run towards Mel’s room and grab one of her pillows and use it as his security blanket. Amos is so proud whenever he has one of his mom’s pillows in his mouth and would even walk around the house with it.

Amos always wants Mel to acknowledge that he did a great job at getting the pillow. Once Mel mentions what a great dog Amos is for bringing the pillows, Amos would start proudly walking outside the house with the pillow. It’s truly heartwarming seeing Amos progress from a scared dog to a happy one. Here’s a video featuring Amos and his habit of taking his mom’s pillows every day.

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