Here are several methods for bathing a water-phobic dog

Most dogs are afraid of baths, so you’re in luck if you can successfully bathe your dog. If you’re worried because you don’t know what to do, Kittyworldly suggests some tips for bathing your water-afraid dog in the article below. Of course, it will make cleaning up after your beloved boss easier.

Allow the dog to become accustomed to not being afraid of water

If you’ve ever resented your boss for allowing them to play in a puddle of dirty water or for preventing them from roaming when it rains, you’ve unintentionally given him a fear of water. Water is also frightening to dogs if it falls directly on their face. This can make breathing and seeing more difficult.

  • Make it a habit to get your dog used to water so he’s less afraid:
  • Play with the sprinkler/water gun on them,..
  • Allow them to walk around and investigate the puddles.
  • When it rains, don’t hold an umbrella for them.
  • Wipe them down with a damp towel every now and then, and then dry their fur.
  • Take them on regular walks around the lake or the seashore.
  • Feed them treats or food in a bathroom with running water in the bathtub.
  • Tell him that taking a shower isn’t scary.

How do you bathe a water-phobic dog?

Even if you’ve gotten them used to being near water, that doesn’t mean they’re not afraid (not all of them). Keep in mind that many dogs enjoy cooling off when they are hot and tired. You can help them overcome their fear of bathing by taking them for a walk before they get in the tub.
Prepare your bathing area with everything you’ll need to ensure a comfortable bath for your dog. What you’ll need is as follows:

Rubber Mats: Although your dog is not afraid of water, he is afraid of slippery surfaces such as floors or bathtubs. Using a rubber mat or even a towel on the floor (where they stand to bathe) or in the tub can help your dog feel safe and confident while standing.
Fill the bath or bathtub with 7-10 cm of water: The sound of water squirting from the tap can sometimes startle your dog, so fill the basin or tub with 7-10 cm of water before bathing them.
Put dog toys in the basin: Put all of the dog toys on top of the water (completely full is better). Your dog’s favorite rubber or plastic toy is ideal for keeping them entertained during the bath.
Use Body Wash for Dogs: As you are probably aware, using the wrong pet shampoo can cause harm to your dog, so selecting the right pet-specific body wash is critical to assisting pets in overcoming their fear of water.
Instead of a spoon, use a small sprinkler: Large amounts of water can choke and frighten dogs, particularly those who are afraid of water. Bathe them in a small stream of water. This device allows you to easily control the volume and flow of water. It not only provides the necessary amount of water, but it also does not make a noise that will frighten your pets.
Give your dog a spa treatment: Your pet will be placed in a tiltable tub. This helps to keep water and body wash out of your eyes, ears, and nose. They are also used in premium body wash/fragrance products to provide the best pampering. However, because it is very expensive, this method of bathing dogs who are afraid of water cannot be used for a long time.

Things to watch out for when bathing water-phobic dogs

While it may take some time, you can give your dog a bath at home even if he is afraid of water. In short, when bathing a water-averse dog, you should not:

  • In other situations, do not allow the dog to get wet.
  • Utilizing the incorrect cleaning products on their fur and skin
  • Do not use a powerful hose or pour large amounts of water over the dog’s head.

Instead, follow these steps:

  • Allow the dog to become accustomed to the water first.
  • Soothe your dog by giving them their favorite treat or toy.
  • Bathe them gently and calmly.

Water-averse dogs will be much easier to clean if they are bathed the Kittyworldly way. While it may take some time and effort, hopefully your beloved boss will no longer be afraid to take a shower.

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