Battalion Of U.S. Soldiers Band Together To Rescue Stray Dog They Befriended While On Tour In Afghanistan

If you’ve watched enough war movies and seen various videos about the life of soldiers, you know how tough it is to be deployed. Their lives are in constant danger, and they are far away from the people they love and care about. This causes much anxiety and stress to these dedicated people.

Thankfully, some servicemen and women have found solace in their friends, the furry kind. Just like the soldiers belonging to the Alpha Company 1/121 Battalion that was stationed in Afghanistan.

During one of their routine patrols, they met a scruffy yet friendly stray pooch that walked up to them. The soldiers quickly fell in love with the homeless pup.

Bringing Bear home

The battalion members took the dog, which they named Bear, back with them. Unfortunately, untrained dogs were not allowed in their base. So the soldiers left him by the fence. They would take turns bringing him food and water.

Most would stay for several minutes to play with him. Their relationship with the adorable pooch helped them relax and forget all their troubles, albeit just for a moment. But it helped a lot with their mental health.

And when the whole battalion was to return to the U.S., they knew that they couldn’t leave Bear behind. They worked together to bring Bear back with them.

Loved by all

The soldiers found a non-profit organization called Nowzad to raise funds so that Bear could travel to the U.S. They needed the money so that the stray pup would get all the vaccinations he required. The dog was also required to undergo quarantine. His transfer would be a lengthy and costly process, but they were determined to help Bear find a new and better life.

And it looks like he will be getting it.

The only problem they have left is where Bear would be living once he is in the U.S. Most of them want to adopt him. The soldiers would work that out soon. More importantly, Bear would never have to live his life on the streets again.

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