Benevolent Person Posts Heart-wrenching Footage Of Canine Left Behind at a Body of Water

Not all individuals are fit to own pets, which is okay as long as they do not already have a pet. However, most individuals usually take the proper steps and return their pets to the shelter. Others who are not considerate, simply abandon their pets without any food or water on the side of the road.

This sad event happened recently in Bakersfield, California when Stephen Sage Silver witnessed an angry couple physically attacking their dog’s face on a peaceful road near Lake Ming. Silver stopped and confronted the driver to question their actions, but the driver responded aggressively towards the Good Samaritan.

Regrettably, the dog seemed to interpret the violence as mere playfulness. In the video footage that Silver captured on site, the infuriated owner repeatedly pushes his pet away, yet the dog keeps returning for what he perceives as a game.

Out of nowhere, the man climbs back into his vehicle and flings a parting threat in Silver’s direction. “It’s your dog, not mine!” he barks as he drives away at breakneck speed.

But Silver didn’t want to condone such behavior, even if the animal would be better off in almost anyone else’s home. “Absolutely not, that’s your dog, man! That’s not right,” he said. “This guy is leaving his dog right here.”

Meanwhile, the dog repeatedly tries to climb back into his owner’s car, despite the man’s repeated attempts to push him away. At one point, the driver even tries to sneak into the car through a gap in the driver’s side door. Eventually, he picks up the dog and tosses it out into the road. As the animal picks itself up, this awful couple simply drives away.

Silver arrived at the spot where the dog was left alone after its owner drove away and, not knowing what else to do, called for assistance. The Kern County Animal Services arrived promptly and took the dog into their custody, with the hope of finding a permanent home for this affectionate dog soon.

Meanwhile, Silver has attempted to post his video on Facebook, both to raise awareness about this dog’s story and to bring this inhumane couple to justice.

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