Cat Produces Unusual Sounds on Infant Monitor – Mother Inspects Baby’s Room and Hurries to Pick Up the Phone

People’s opinions about cats are quite divided. Some view cats as the most exceptional pets in the world, while others regard them as the most terrible creatures ever. However, it’s undeniable that cats possess heightened senses in comparison to humans. At times, we may fail to perceive things due to our limited senses. Fortunately, our pets are there to assist us in the event of an emergency we might be unaware of.

Roy and Bernita Rogers were hoping to have a large family but unfortunately, they lost three stillborn babies at different times in their lives. They were completely heartbroken. To add someone to their family, they chose to adopt a pet.

A black cat named Midnight was the perfect choice for them, and they welcomed her with open arms.

After numerous attempts, Bernita and Roy finally welcomed a healthy baby girl. Midnight the black cat became very close to the newborn, and was very protective of her.

One day, the little girl appeared to be unwell, and the couple decided to take her to the doctor to ensure everything was okay. The doctor reassured them that there was nothing to worry about, and that the child was simply suffering from a mild cold.

Reassured, the couple continued with their usual activities. However, one evening, they heard Midnight meowing very loudly in their daughter’s room, which frightened them. Without a second thought, they rushed to their daughter’s room to find her struggling to breathe.

The parents quickly took their child to the emergency room to save her. The newborn was diagnosed with complete respiratory failure. Fortunately, she received timely medical treatment and is now healthy and happy.

Bernita and Roy will always be thankful for their cat’s help in alerting them to their daughter’s medical emergency.

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