Causes of newborn puppy death

People who are just beginning to raise dogs, especially pet dogs, rarely send their dogs to breed. On the one hand, because I don’t have time to study, and on the other hand, because I don’t know how to care for dogs. So, where do they die young because they are not properly cared for? Allow Kittyworldly to explain.

Because the dog mother is unable to care for the baby

Because the female dog is unfamiliar, inexperienced, and unresponsive when raising puppies, this is the most common objective reason for the first-born female dog.
I don’t know how to cover the baby with a quilt if the weather is too cold or too hot. Some dogs die from suffocation as a result of being wrapped in too many warm blankets. If the owner of a large breed is not paying attention, the baby will often be crushed to death in a short period of time.
Because the bitch gets diseases after giving birth: the bitch requires a lot of nutrition to have milk feeding after giving birth, and eating too much will lead to Care disease and infect the puppies. route.

As a result of puppy stillbirth

The puppies’ parents’ inbreeding causes the puppies to be extremely weak after birth, and the resistance is poor due to genetic inheritance, and the stillbirth rate reaches 7-8 parts after 3 weeks of birth.
Too many layers of clothing to keep warm can prevent the puppy from finding the mother’s breast, resulting in starvation.
Improper care, in addition to the fact that the dog has no experience giving birth to the first child, is due in part to the owner’s inability to assist in a timely manner, such as not feeding the mother dog or moving the puppy. far away, mother…
Infections, fevers, nursing, diarrhea, birth defects… are all diseases that puppies can pass on to their children through breast milk.
Petshop Happy Paws summarized all of the causes of stillbirth in puppies above. I wish you and your pets continued good health.

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