Compassionate 2-year-old visits dog shelter and selects ailing, timid pit bull in search of affection

There are numerous dogs in shelters, all longing for one thing: to discover their forever homes. Unfortunately, it can take longer for some dogs than others.

Whether it’s their breed, age, appearance, or health conditions, many dogs are consistently overlooked by potential adopters, often in favor of younger and conventionally cute puppies.

However, occasionally, a compassionate individual arrives and opens their heart to these dogs. In the case of one shelter pit bull, that compassionate individual happened to be a 2-year-old girl who selected him from among all the dogs in the shelter.

When Audra Spurio brought her 2-year-old daughter to the shelter to adopt a dog, she never anticipated that they would be drawn to a sick and mangy pit bull. But the young child, sensing that the dog needed some love and care, insisted on choosing him.

“My daughter was particularly keen on meeting her, more than any other dog at the shelter that day,” Audra shared with The Dodo. Despite the dog having an unpleasant odor due to mange, the little girl persisted, saying, “Mommy, that one.”

“Gigi said, ‘Let the doggy out. Need help,’” Audra recalled.

So the girl’s wish was granted, and Gigi accompanied the pit bull outside for some playtime. Despite the dog’s fear and shyness, the toddler displayed love and patience throughout.

While many children might have been “grossed out” by the dog’s condition, Gigi only saw a friend in need of assistance.

Playing outdoors, it was evident that the two had a genuine and immediate connection, as the girl showered the dog with kisses and belly rubs.

“I witnessed this fearful dog completely relax in G’s presence,” Audra remarked. “She refused to let my daughter depart from her side.”

After the pit bull was returned to her enclosure, Gigi persisted in begging her mother to bring the dog home so they could provide care for her. “Bring sick doggy home,” the two-year-old insisted.

Fortunately, the little girl’s desire came true. Among all the dogs at the shelter that day, the ailing pit bull captured her heart, and the dog, renamed Scarlett, found her new forever home.

“Audra shared with The Dodo that Scarlett is now settled in her new home and has shown remarkable improvement. She continues to be incredibly attached to Gigi and refuses to leave her side.”

This heartwarming tale has received nearly 14 million views on YouTube, and numerous viewers have expressed their renewed hope for the future, inspired by Gigi’s compassion for animals.

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