Concluding 8 Years of Dedicated Service, Police Canine Receives Heartwarming Radio Homage

K9 units hold a special place within police departments fortunate to have them as valued members. They truly embody the essence of partnership, tirelessly safeguarding their handlers and fearlessly aiding law enforcement.

As the time arrived for K9 Faust, a highly esteemed German shepherd who dutifully served with the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Police Department, to embark on retirement, his handler paid a heartfelt tribute to him over the radio.

The courageous K9 Faust served in the departments of explosives detection and patrol, amassing numerous accolades throughout his distinguished eight-year tenure. Notably, he achieved second place in obedience at the National Railway Police K9 Trials and fifth place in Explosions Detection.

Senior Special Agent Bryan Schaffer, Faust’s devoted handler, held a deep affection for his loyal companion, as they entrusted their lives to one another. Together, they responded to countless calls, including bomb threats, ensuring the safety of the citizens they were tasked to protect.

Given the remarkable accomplishments they achieved in unison, the officer felt compelled to commemorate their bond through a special tribute. On Faust’s final day at the department, now adorned with a gray muzzle, he eagerly hopped into Agent Schaffer’s cruiser, settling in as he had always done.

Anticipating a routine day, Faust’s ears perked up upon hearing the voice of the radio dispatcher inside the police car. However, instead of receiving a dispatch, Faust listened intently as the radio dispatcher conveyed the following message:

“Faust has concluded his last shift as an explosive detection and police service K-9 after eight years and one day, officially entering retirement. Faust, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your dedicated service,” expressed the radio dispatcher.

Despite the K9’s inability to comprehend the spoken words, undoubtedly, he sensed his partner’s heartfelt sentiment as a genuine message unfolded, highlighting Faust’s achievements and time served in the force. Special Agent Schaffer, in his own words, conveyed:

“Faust, I express my gratitude for the tremendous contributions you made to the BNSF and other agencies. Above all, I am thankful for your unwavering commitment to ensuring our safe return after every shift.”

While Faust’s retirement evoked mixed emotions for Schaffer, it did not mark the end of their journey together. The officer chose to adopt the K9, allowing them to spend their retirement days side by side. They now embark on hiking adventures, road trips, and K9 Faust joyfully embraces a well-deserved retirement.

Our sincerest wishes extend to both of them, as we express our gratitude for their dedicated service. Please take a moment to share their inspiring story with your loved ones.

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