Courageous Young Canine Overcomes Adversity to Thrive and Become a Joyful, Fit Dog

Meet Kringle, an adorable puppy who exemplifies bravery as he triumphed over adversity to survive and lead a happy life.

The little dog was found wandering on a dirt path in Tijuana. Concerned individuals rushed to aid the pup and discovered that he was severely injured. They reached out to a rescue organization to make sure that the dog received the necessary medical attention and care. Upon seeing the puppy, a rescuer named Tracy took him in right away.

When Tracy picked him up and saw his injuries, she realized that he had suffered burns. She took him to the vet, and throughout the whole procedure, he cried and screamed. He received urgent medical treatment by the veterinarians. 55% of his body had third and fourth degree burns, which meant he had to stay at the emergency vet for 49 days.

Despite being weak and in pain, Kringle never gave up and fought for his life. Miraculously, he recovered and started to regain his health. When he was fully healed, Tracy came to pick him up and took him home.

Kringle is an extremely courageous puppy. He really has no fear. He enjoys snuggling and embracing his owner. He loves her so much that he tags along with her wherever she goes.

His skin is healing now, but the burned areas are still without hair. Nevertheless, he still looks adorable and attractive. He is now being pampered and loved by his owner. For him, this is the most valuable thing that he will treasure for life.

After all that he went through, Kringle remains an adorable and gentle puppy. He can forgive the very species that caused him harm. His story also inspires and encourages everyone to never give up and keep fighting.

Thank you to Tracy and the Saving Huey Foundation for sharing Kringle’s story.

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