Despite a spinal stroke, doctors initially believed that Maggie would never regain the ability to walk, but she proved them wrong

It’s unfortunate that despite bringing joy to people’s lives, dogs are not exempt from illnesses and dangers. Many diseases can potentially threaten a dog’s life. Therefore, it’s crucial to provide them with appropriate care and regular veterinary check-ups. These health problems can significantly impair their bodily functions, resulting in immobility that could take years to overcome. A spinal stroke, for instance, could have a profound effect on a dog’s ability to move, particularly when it comes to walking and standing.

When an intervertebral disc cracks and travels through the bloodstream, it can cause a fibrocartilaginous embolism. This disc can obstruct the vein, resulting in reduced blood flow and damage to the spinal cord. The severity of the condition depends on the location of the affected blood vessels and the intensity of the stroke. Spinal strokes can result in weakened or paralyzed limbs, loss of coordination, and a distinctive knuckling gait in dogs. While there are no known cures for this condition, pet owners can consider rehabilitation options. The outcome of treatment depends on the dog’s willingness to recover and the level of support it receives. In some cases, veterinarians may predict that the dog will never regain its ability to walk, as was the case with Maggie.

Megan Donoghue and Jacob Beesley are the proud owners of a Schweenie named Maggie. At the age of five, Maggie was diagnosed with a spinal stroke, which led doctors to doubt her chances of recovery. Although they were advised to euthanize her, her owners refused and held onto hope for their beloved pet. Maggie underwent hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, massages, and acupuncture, and she responded well to the treatments. After two years, Maggie had made a full recovery and could move her limbs again without the need for a stroller or walker. Thanks to her owner’s perseverance and love, Maggie has been living her best life and shows no signs of her previous condition. Watch the video shared by NowThis News to see how Maggie’s determination and her owner’s dedication paid off.

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