Despite being shot multiple times and having its leg amputated, a Pit Bull remains friendly towards humans

Dog are famous for their faithfulness, as they put themselves in danger to protect their owners. In addition, they are incapable of harboring animosity towards their owners, even if they don’t adore them. Such is the case with Kevin, a pit bull who was shot multiple times and subsequently deserted by his owner.

However, Kevin did not display any anger, and he simply wanted to understand why he had been deserted. Despite having been shot six times, he attempted to pursue his owner’s vehicle.

The Manassas Park Police arrived at the location after some time, but initially had difficulty locating Kevin. They eventually traced a trail of blood into the nearby woods and were able to locate him. Fortunately, they were able to transport him to MedVet Northern Virginia for medical attention.

Law enforcement officials are currently searching for the individual responsible for shooting Kevin. It remains uncertain whether the perpetrator is the dog’s owner, but Kevin is familiar with the suspect, as evidenced by his attempt to pursue the car.

Thankfully, Kevin underwent a successful surgery to extract the bullets, although his rear leg was amputated due to the severity of the injury. He is presently recovering in the care of the veterinary staff. Kevin has demonstrated great courage, and the veterinarians anticipate a full recovery for him. Additionally, they are hopeful that he will soon find a permanent home.

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