Despite being trapped in tar, the dog summoned all its energy to bark for assistance

A weary and homeless dog sought refuge on a bed of freshly laid tar in Suwałki, Poland, hoping to find warmth.

Regrettably, the dog became ensnared in the sticky substance, but upon realizing the danger, he used all his might to bark for assistance. Workers in the vicinity heard the dog’s loud cries and responded promptly to rescue him.

Upon discovering the trapped dog, the workers promptly contacted Joanna Godlewska, an animal rescuer affiliated with the Niczyje Animal Foundation. Fortunately, the dog exhibited bravery by freeing his snout from the tar, which enabled him to breathe and bark for help.

The animal rescuers, with the assistance of the police department and the local fire department, carefully trimmed the dog’s fur that had become mired in tar, allowing them to extract the dog’s body from the sticky substance.

Subsequently, the dog received a thorough veterinary examination and treatment for exhaustion. During the examination, the medical staff removed over 100 ticks from his body.

After multiple baths, the remaining tar on the dog’s fur and paws was successfully removed, and he was provided with a comfortable bed and a warm meal. Thankfully, the dog, who has since been named Farcik, showed signs of recovery and received treatment for minor head injuries.

Currently, Farcik is slowly regaining his strength and will remain under the care of his rescuers until he makes a full recovery. Upon complete recovery, he will be available for adoption, and we hope he finds a loving forever home soon.

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