Devoted to his 84-year-old grandma, a dachshund displays an incredibly endearing response when he sets his sights on her

When it comes to identifying Nana’s favorite grandchild, there is one name that stands out.

Interestingly, this favorite grandchild is not among her own grandchildren. Nana shares a unique and close relationship with a special person.

Sally, Beckii’s dachshund, walks on four legs, has long ears, and a long body. Despite her unusual appearance, she has managed to win the heart of her grandmother. Even though Sally is officially Beckii’s dog, she always accompanies her when she visits her grandmother. As soon as Sally arrives, she greets her grandmother with excitement, rolling on her back and happily accepting kisses and belly rubs.

Nana would certainly indulge little Sally as she is her favorite grandchild. She would then give her plenty of scratches and kisses, and sometimes even blow raspberries on her neck.

Nana’s affection for Sally is abundant and Sally appreciates every bit of it.

Sally and her grandmother have always been very close. Whenever Sally is with her, Nana rarely does things alone. She enjoys having her breakfast with Sally by her side, watching the birds from her favorite chair. Sally loves bird-watching with her grandma and they share this activity together.

Beckii shared with The Dodo that she and Sally visit Nana two to three times a week. Even though this is a lot of time for her grandmother to spend with Sally, it is still not enough for the two best friends. On the days that Sally is not there, Beckii makes sure that they video call Nana to keep in touch.

“Nan calls me every day to check on Sally,” Beckii told The Dodo. “We all know that Sally is her favorite.”

Sally and her grandmother’s friendship began during a challenging time for Nana.

“Sally met Nan on her second day at home,” Beckii recounted to The Dodo. “From the start, she was the first one Sally would go to.

During this period, Nana and Beckii were experiencing a challenging time in their lives. Nana had recently lost her husband, and while she was grieving her loss, Sally was a constant source of comfort and support.

“I know that Sally was a tremendous help to my Nan during that difficult time,” Beckii told The Dodo.

Sally and her grandmother have been inseparable ever since. Sally feels at ease around her Nan and sometimes uses her charm to persuade her grandmother to give her treats and desserts. Nana is happy to spoil her favorite grandchild, and as the head of the family, Beckii can’t refuse her requests.

Beckii shares updates about Nana and Sally on their Instagram account. Her recent posts indicate that Sally may have to share the spotlight with their newest family member, Winnie.

There is no need for Sally to feel concerned, as we know that Nana has an abundance of love to give. After all, Sally is and will always be her grandmother’s favorite.

Check out how this dachshund won over her grandmother’s heart.

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