Dog alerts shop owners that he is not with the couple who brought him and has been stolen

Although humans can’t typically communicate with animals, they still have their own way of communicating. A clever five-month-old Australian shepherd puppy named Vango used this ability to protect himself from being taken by dog thieves. Vango and his captors entered a pet store, and the perceptive pup let the store owners know that something was amiss.

This event took place at a pet store located in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada. Vango was persistent in his barking, trying to catch the store owner’s attention. Yves Jodoin, who works at the shop and is also a dog trainer at Au Royaume des Animaux, was quick to notice that something was amiss. At first, Yves thought that Vango was just excited about getting a treat, but the puppy kept barking even after being given a cookie, causing Yves to become more suspicious.

Yves Jodoin, a dog trainer and employee, said to CBC Canada that the dog “was barking, poking, and really wanted my attention.” “Even though I was giving it cookies, the dog was still barking.”

As Yves started asking the couple who brought Vance into the store more fundamental questions about the dog, suspicions started to surface. The couple couldn’t respond to straightforward questions about the dog like his age, whether he had been neutered, his preferred food, where he was from, or how much they paid for him.

The man recalls that “they were avoiding the questions.”

Fortunately, Lydia Blouin, another employee, also noticed something strange. Lydia searched through local social media pages for any lost pet reports. They quickly found a photo of Vango online after discovering that he had been reported missing. The dog was last seen at his Buckingham home just a few hours before he arrived at the store.

Then, Yves suddenly realized that he already knew Vango because he had trained him as a puppy!

At that moment, I said, “Vango, come!” The dog responded by jumping, according to the dog trainer. “He kept barking and poking, trying to convey, ‘Hey, I’m not the dog they claim I am.’”

The couple was made to admit that they had dognapped Vango. Since the woman was in a terrible state and couldn’t afford a dog, they claimed to have found Vango in the woods and wanted to keep him as a support animal for themselves. Although the woman was apprehended, Yves convinced her to leave the dog at the store.

The employee then contacted Josée Francoeur, Vango’s rightful owner.

The real owner of Vango was surprised because she knew that her dog wouldn’t just run away on his own. Vango was visible in the enclosed yard for a moment before vanishing entirely.

I wondered, “Could he have been dognapped? But who would do such a thing? It’s impossible.”

Yves’ call provided a tremendous sense of relief.

She said, “I can’t talk about it without crying.” “Just think, I would have lost my puppy forever if those people hadn’t gone to that pet store.”

While Vango was not microchipped, Josée had already arranged to have it done to prevent similar incidents from happening again.

She filed a complaint with the local authorities regarding the individuals who took Vango.

While she didn’t want to cause any discomfort, the owner felt the need to warn others about what had happened. “We don’t know why they did it,” she said, “but they took my baby. I just want others to be aware.”

Thanks to his intelligent behavior, Vango is back in the loving care of his owner. What a smart dog!

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