Dog cowers in fear after being abandoned three times by someone who promised him love

When a rescue dog is adopted, it seems like they will have a happy ending and finally receive all the love they deserve after being on the streets and in cages.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and some dogs are abandoned multiple times throughout their lives.

One of these unfortunate dogs is Finn Alexander, a Chihuahua who has been traumatized by human cruelty.

Finn’s journey began in 2014 when he was rescued from the streets and taken to a sanctuary in Dallas, USA, where he was rehabilitated and ready for adoption. Due to his young age and adorable looks, Finn quickly caught the attention of many potential adopters.

Finn had a lot of families interested in adopting him, but only one could take him home.

They followed all the necessary procedures at the sanctuary to complete the adoption process, and Finn left for his new home, where they hoped he would be happy for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned! The reasons for his return to the shelter in 2019, five years after being adopted, are unknown.

Finn experienced abandonment for the third time when he was discovered inside a small box. He was abandoned in a park with his belongings after his family left him, despite years of caring for him. Finn’s story has been shared by Camouflage Rescue, not only to find him a new home but also to raise awareness about his situation. Although Finn’s suffering has not stopped, he was given another chance at a happy life when the people who rescued him and brought him to the shelter tried to find him a new home.

This poor little companion did not deserve such mistreatment.

“In 2021, he was left in a park with all his belongings in a box and ended up at the Denton Pet Sanctuary.” On April 4, they announced on Facebook, “You can’t hide from a microchip, and microchips don’t lie!”

The puppy seems to be filled with fear and lack of trust after years of being subjected to human cruelty, which is evident from his body language. It is unclear what Finn’s previous families were thinking, but there is no excuse for the harm they have inflicted upon him. The people who rescued him hope to locate a permanent and loving home for him.

CAMO Rescue, Denton Animal Shelter, and Dallas Animal Shelter are currently working together to move the furry forward and ensure that his new home is permanent.

Those who wish to meet Finn can do so by visiting the shelter’s website. It should be noted, however, that due to his story, future adopters will be subject to a rigorous screening process.

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