Dog Discovered Enclosed Within Wooden Crate Adopted By Woman Who Rescued Him

A Pit Bull trapped inside a sealed wooden box has been adopted by the woman who rescued him. The dog, now named Diego, fought to escape from his confinement, but the entrance of the dog house had been nailed shut, preventing his escape. This incident occurred in late December in Oklahoma City when Feleciana Ramirez was informed that an animal had been abandoned in a wooden box near the Oklahoma River and was still alive.

Ramirez went to investigate and noticed a small wooden box. The entrance had been covered with a piece of wood that was screwed and nailed shut.

“I had a utility ax, and I used it to break open the box, peeked inside, and saw that he was in there,” Ramirez told 9 News Oklahoma, describing how she first saw Diego. “I was surprised to find anything alive because he wasn’t whimpering. He wasn’t making any kind of noise.”

Rough nails were protruding, and she could see that there was damage to the wood around the entrance, likely from the dog attempting to gnaw and scrape his way out.

The dog was cramped within, and she could see that he was malnourished and covered with scratches and abrasions.

“He was abandoned near the river without any food or water for an unknown duration, simply left to perish. Fortunately, he was discovered and rescued. There were marks of scratching on the entrance, indicating his desperate attempts to escape. His body bears scars and wounds, and he appears emaciated. It is evident that he has endured physical and emotional suffering, likely extending beyond his time inside that box,” shared Mutt Misfits Animal Rescue Society on Facebook on Jan. 1, describing Diego.

Mutt Misfits Animal Rescue Society came forward to rescue Diego a few days after he was taken to OKC Animal Welfare. He was placed with foster mom Kayla Wise for his recovery and healing.

“He was extremely fatigued, very frightened. Mostly just exhausted, I believe, as he slept for an extended period of time,” Wise shared with 9 News. “His condition was the most severe I’ve ever encountered in my home.”

Over the course of the next 5 weeks, with Wise’s attentive care, Diego gained 20 pounds and his self-assurance blossomed. “Despite all he’s been through, he is affectionate and kind,” Mutt Misfits shared on Facebook. When it came time for adoption, Ramirez and her family were among the prospective families interested in giving him a forever home. After interviewing several families, Mutt Misfits ultimately chose Ramirez.

Ramirez couldn’t be happier to welcome Diego into her family, but she still can’t fathom “anyone hurting him the way they did.” As for Diego, we’re certain he never imagined finding the loving and caring family he has now.

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