Dog Endures Desertion In Snow But Thrives To Lead An Exceptional Life

The stray dog lay in the snow for 48 hours until she was finally assisted. Fortunately, the rescue team arrived in time to save her from being completely buried.

Upon receiving the report of a dog that had been lying in the snow for 2 days, Stray Paws was uncertain about the circumstances that led to her being there. Was she unwell or injured, or had she been in an accident?

Despite not knowing the reason for the dog’s presence, the rescuers were aware of the urgency to save her. Upon arrival, they discovered that the pup was close to being completely buried in the snow, and her body was partially covered. Her survival was a miracle given the sub-zero temperatures.

It’s difficult to comprehend how the dog managed to endure two days in such harsh conditions. She appeared to be in severe pain and could hardly move. However, she allowed the rescuers to place her in a kennel so she could be taken to the vet.

The rescue team gave the dog the name “Snow White,” an apt name for a pup who had been left out in the freezing cold. At the veterinary clinic, they started administering IV infusions to warm up her small body. The veterinarian estimated her age to be around three years old.

Her body temperature was only 32.9 °C, which was much lower than the typical temperature of 38 °C. Due to her small size, she had little protection from the freezing elements. She had no identification tags, and no one claimed her, leading them to believe she had been abandoned.

The rescue team made every effort to provide care for the adorable little dog. After successfully raising her body temperature, it took her some time to regain her ability to walk on her own. But by the second day, she was up and about, and even able to venture outside.

Although she had made some progress, Snow White still had a long road to recovery, as she had also fallen ill. However, after receiving medication and proper care, she finally found her forever home three months after being rescued from the snow. In her new home, she flourished and even made new doggy friends.

It’s unfortunate that dogs like Snow White are abandoned on a regular basis. Fortunately, there are individuals like the rescue team at Stray Paws who work tirelessly to provide assistance. These individuals are true heroes who strive to save as many dogs as possible.

We hope you enjoyed seeing Snow White’s happy ending. Despite the challenges she faced, she is now a sweet and happy pup. It’s heartwarming to witness her thriving with her new family.

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