Dog frantically follows caregiver after being left on the side of the road

It is a sobering reality that every year, more than 5 million cats and dogs end up in animal shelters either because their owners abandoned them or because they were found as strays by local authorities.

In many cases, pet owners surrender their animals to shelters due to behavioral problems, changes in work or family circumstances, or other issues. As a result, these companion animals end up in the care of animal welfare organizations, hoping to find new loving families through adoption.

However, a video captured by Stephen Sage Miller from California suggests that these cats and dogs may actually be fortunate compared to those who are abandoned on the streets to fend for themselves without any means of sustenance, shelter, or water by their caregivers.

Without any audio, Stephen Sage Miller’s video is still incredibly telling. On a serene stretch of road, a tall man can be seen interacting with a big black dog that resembles a Labrador Retriever. The dog is visibly thrilled to be with its owner, as it happily jumps and wags its tail in an attempt to express its love. Nonetheless, the owner remains steadfast in his decision, pushing the dog aside and trying to dissuade it from showing affection.

Stephen Sage Miller captures the entire encounter on camera, including the moment when the owner pushes the dog away and turns his back to get into his car. The distressed dog is left pacing along the side of the car, trying to keep up as it speeds away.

According to The Daily Mail, the authorities in Kern County, California, are pursuing abandonment charges against the person responsible for leaving the helpless black dog on the roadside. Meanwhile, the dog is in the care of a local shelter and seeking a new home.

Have you ever witnessed an act of animal abandonment where a pet was left on the roadside? Did you take any action or were you left speechless at the sight of such cruelty? Share your experience in the comments section below. If you were appalled by the owner’s behavior, please share this story with your loved ones and spread awareness.

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