Dog Frozen With Fear Learns What It Means To Be Loved

After being rescued from a terrible situation, this dog was so scared he couldn’t stand or walk so his rescuers had to pull him on a blanket.

When Bruno was rescued, he was terrified. He had endured a terrible situation that left him with little faith in humans. Even after being taken to safety, he was too afraid to stand up or walk alone.

When his foster mom, Angela, picked him up, she was very patient and loving. She tried to encourage Bruno, but he was too shut down so she placed him on a blanket and carefully dragged him to her car.

The next day, Bruno’s therapy began. She started with some gentle stretches to help limber him up. Despite his fear, food also proved to be a big motivator for Bruno and soon he was accepting food from her hand.

It wasn’t long before Bruno was ready to stand but learning he could trust her would take longer. So, each day she tried to show him that she was safe to be around and that humans could be good.

Each day began offering food to Bruno from her hand. Then they went outside to do a little leash work to get him comfortable outside. During each session, she also shared affection with Bruno to try to gain his trust.

Bruno still didn’t know how to trust people, but he was improving every day. Soon, he was receptive to affection and it wasn’t long before he would leave his crate as soon as Angela opened it rather than hiding inside.

He began to approach Angela for food and slowing began to interact on his own. He was taking steps in the right direction and soon was able to leave the yard for leashed walks and start experiencing his first adventures.

Then one day, the shift finally happened. Bruno approached Angela and melted into her arms. It was as if he was trying to tell her he now trusted her. The milestone made Angela’s heart so happy.

Bruno was a sensitive dog and it would take a while to get over his fear. But every day, he continued to get better. He slowly began exploring his surroundings, wagging his tail, barking, and even made a dog friend.

Because of Angela, Bruno was able to eventually be adopted into a family of his own, complete with two humans and another dog who loved him. Despite his tough start, he finally had the family he deserved.

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