Dog Halts Car and Seeks Assistance When Owner Suffers Seizure

When her owner experienced a health crisis, Clover immediately took action and got her the help she needed in the only way she knew how.

One day, while Hailey Moore was walking her dog, she suddenly had a seizure. She collapsed on the pavement, surrounded by ice and snow that had accumulated on the side of the road, with her dog Clover by her side.

The scary incident was recorded by a surveillance camera positioned across the street. It captured Hailey lying on the ground, while a distressed Clover tried to rouse her with nudges. However, Hailey remained motionless.

Then, a car drove by and appeared to give Clover an idea. She ran into the street and stood in the way of oncoming traffic. She managed to stop a passing vehicle and sought assistance from the man who came to her owner’s aid.

The man quickly exited his vehicle, rushed to Hailey’s side, and dialed for an ambulance. Only during the rescue did Hailey regain consciousness, feeling confused and unaware of what had happened or that Clover had just rescued her.

The man attributed Hailey’s survival and timely assistance to Clover’s swift actions and for stopping him. He was happy to help, but it was Clover who knew how to guide him to her owner.

Thanks to the loyal dog and the kind stranger, Hailey was safe. During an interview with a veterinarian, they talked about what could have led Clover to act the way she did and how she knew how to seek help.

Of course, no one can say for certain what Clover was thinking, but she undoubtedly knew that Hailey required assistance and did everything she could to get it for her. That makes Clover a hero, and Hailey is fortunate to have such a compassionate and devoted canine.

Dogs are undoubtedly incredible, and there are countless stories of their heroism. Hailey acknowledges Clover for rescuing her, and we ensure that Clover is receiving all the treats she desires. We hope you enjoyed their story.

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