Dog in the military exits the elevator and reunites with owner handler after a separation of 3 years

This touching reunion between a K9 dog and their former handler serves as a reminder of the unbreakable bond between a dog and their human.

K9 dogs are frequently partnered with military and police officers, who view them as not only partners in the field, but also as best friends and loyal companions. Sadly, these service dogs are often separated from their original handlers as they continue to serve in the military or police force.

Meanwhile, handlers, particularly those in the military, are typically required to leave their K9 partners behind when they return home after their service. This separation is often one of the most difficult things they have to confront – saying goodbye to their faithful companion.

It can be extremely difficult for these organizations since it often requires a significant amount of money to transport the dog. However, seeing the reunion of a man and his dog after all those years is incredibly rewarding.

One of the most heartwarming reunions facilitated by Mission K9 Rescue was that of Enzo and Sergeant Joe Stasio. Enzo was Sgt. Stasio’s K9 partner, and the two served together in Kuwait as Marines for over a year. After their service, Sgt. Stasio returned to his home in Buffalo, New York, but Enzo had to stay behind. This occurred in 2017.

Three years had passed, and it was finally time for Enzo to retire from service. Mission K9 Rescue made sure that Enzo not only returned home but also retired in the loving arms of his former handler.

The non-profit organization assisted in transporting Enzo from North Carolina to Buffalo, where Sergeant Stasio eagerly awaited his arrival. Holding Enzo’s old leash and a toy as a gift, he stood outside one of the Buffalo/Niagara International Airport elevators, hoping that Enzo still remembered him.

According to Sergeant Stasio, when military personnel are deployed, they spend a lot of time together creating memories. However, once they return home, those memories seem distant and dispersed.

But not with their K9 companions, not with Enzo. As soon as Enzo emerged from the elevator doors, Sergeant Stasio kneeled down to greet his old friend, and it was like no time had passed at all.

Sergeant Stasio had a perfect plan for Enzo’s retirement, where they could spend quality time together and create new memories. He wanted Enzo to enjoy the best things in life, such as good food, watching TV, and having fun times. After serving in the military and the country, Enzo deserved nothing less than the best.

Sergeant Stasio was overwhelmed with gratitude and couldn’t believe that this reunion was finally happening. He expressed his heartfelt appreciation to Mission K9 Rescue for all their hard work in making this possible, as well as to all the generous donors who contributed towards Enzo’s homecoming.

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