Dog Left Behind at Fuel Station Now a Beloved Full-Time Staff Member

The charming labrador retriever, Negao, serves as a warm and welcoming greeter at a Shell Gas Station in Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil. The joyful canine didn’t always enjoy such a wonderful role, as he was previously a forsaken dog.

Left behind at the gas station by callous individuals, the compassionate proprietors of the Shell station, Sabrina Plannerer and her companion, chose to adopt Negao and provide him with the affectionate household that the endearing dog merited.

They welcomed him into their home and acquired all the necessary dog supplies, such as a leash, collar, food, and his dedicated bowl. Subsequently, they scheduled a veterinary appointment for him to undergo an examination, receive vaccinations, and undergo deworming. Following these steps, they offered him a position as a greeter at their gas station.

A single glance at Negao reveals his adoration for his role. Every day, his beaming countenance welcomes the patrons who enter the gas station. Just like the rest of the staff, he dons his personal employee hat and ID badge, complete with his own picture. He also enjoys scheduled breaks and socializes with his colleagues. The employees conscientiously take him on strolls around the town to ensure he receives ample exercise.

The delightful Negao has won the hearts of all. He has gained such immense popularity that he has become one of the ambassadors for a local Brazilian charity named Grapo FERA, which strives to promote awareness and foster greater respect for animals. This recognition is truly fitting, especially considering his distressing history.

Transitioning from being discarded to cherished companion, Negao is relishing his optimal existence and spreading happiness to all who encounter him. It would be a daunting task to discover a more endearing greeter for the gas station. If you ever happen to be in his vicinity, he would undoubtedly appreciate your visit to say hello.

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