Dog Plays Dead To Avoid Leaving Crowded Park

Sometimes dogs can have a mind of their own and when this pup makes his up, there is no changing it.

It’s just another walk in the park for this pup and his dad. But on this busy day, the cute doggo decides he doesn’t want to go home just yet. While people watch, he makes it clear he’s not ready for the fun to end.

So, with everyone looking on, the stubborn golden retriever must have sensed that it must be getting close to time to leave so he puts on the brakes and parks himself on the sidewalk. All the while, people are laughing while someone videos the funny scene.

With the owner tugging on the end of the leash, the funny pup rolls over on his back and refuses to budge. Finally, he sits but even then, he plants his rear on the sidewalk and doesn’t make any signs that he plans to leave any time soon.

Like an actor on Broadway, the cute dog then plays dead. He’s put his all into his performance and is surely enjoying the limelight. With the parkgoers looking on, the dramatic dog puts on a hilarious show.

Dad takes his antics in stride and seems to know his attention-seeking pupper is enjoying himself immensely. Clearly, this is not the first rodeo for this dog or his loving owner, who eventually coaxes him to get up.

And, when he does finally cooperate, the crowd claps and cheers while the adorable dog struts off as though he orchestrated the entire show. “Thank you for coming,” he seems to say as he trots off.

The cute dog was certainly wildly entertaining and super fun to watch. He is more than cute as he wrapped a park full of strangers around his golden paw. Clearly, the pup has the ability to make people smile.

His owner is such a lucky guy to own a fun-loving dog. Although we’re sure he can be trying at times like if you’re actually in a hurry to get somewhere, the pup more than makes up for his behavior with all the joy he brings.

It’s impossible not to smile when you watch the video. Don’t you agree? Please feel free to share the cuteness with your friends.

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