Dog Rendered Sightless By Assailant, Extended Her Paw To A Female Pleading To Alleviate Her Suffering

While on their way to provide sustenance to homeless animals in a neighboring village, rescuers from the Diasozo Animal Rescue organization noticed an object lying in the grass. Upon further inspection, they discovered a distressed dog that appeared to be struggling in the area.

Due to the severity of the injuries sustained by the dog, she was barely able to move. In order to receive the necessary medical attention, the rescuers transported her to a veterinary clinic for a comprehensive examination. The medical assessment revealed that the dog had been deliberately harmed, as evident from the wounds on her chest and an older jaw fracture.

One of the dog’s eyes was in such poor condition that surgery was deemed necessary to remove it. However, the procedure had to be delayed until the dog’s overall health had improved. In the meantime, the dog was provided with pain medication to help alleviate her discomfort and encourage restful sleep.

Due to her weakened state, the veterinarians provided the dog with food and water, as she was unable to eat or drink on her own. Fortunately, a few days after her arrival at the clinic, the dog underwent the necessary surgery. Given her remarkable bravery, it was anticipated that she would recover well from the procedure.

In the initial days following the surgery, the dog’s activity was limited to sleeping. However, she gradually regained her strength and was able to eat and sit unaided. While the dog appeared to be prepared for placement in a foster home, it was deemed necessary for her to remain at the medical facility to continue building her strength.

Thankfully, the dog made a full recovery and was ultimately adopted by a compassionate family, who bestowed upon her the name “Honey.” It was a heartwarming conclusion to her tale of hardship.

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