Dog Teeth Cleaning Gel Tropiclean

Tropiclean dog oral cleaning gel is both effective and safe

Tropiclean Dog Oral Care Gel is a safe and effective product that the brand appreciates and recommends. The following ingredients are used in the product: purified water, natural alcohol, glycerin, flavoring agent, carbomer, spearmint green tea extract, zinc chloride (0.01g/10ml), natural detergent, and chlorophyll. With germicidal technology, safe ingredients help clean efficiently in a short time, limiting plaque on teeth to support healing and limit dental disease in pets.

Fast acting treatment for plaque and tartar in pets. This product, made entirely of natural ingredients, aids in the prevention and treatment of tooth and gum disease. Natural peppermint and vanilla extracts are used to freshen the breath and relieve minor gum problems. Tropiclean’s Oral Cleaning Gel for Dogs is simple to use, making oral hygiene a breeze for children.

What are the benefits of using Fresh Breath Clean Teeth Vanilla Mint Oral Care Gel?

  • 100% natural ingredients ensure your dog’s and your own health.
  • The world’s first and only brushless teeth cleaning solution for animals.
  • You only need 1-2 minutes per day to care for your puppy’s health.
  • It aids in keeping your dog’s breath fresh.
  • Prevents plaque and yellow tartar formation.
  • Keep your dog’s saliva clean to avoid spreading disease to you and your loved ones.
  • It aids in the treatment of certain gum diseases.
  • Pets enjoy the delicious vanilla mint flavor.
  • American products that have undergone stringent quality control.

Tropiclean makes dental care easier than ever, requiring only 1-2 minutes per day without brushing. Let us begin today to make daily pet dental care easier, so that “your loved one” always smells fresh, is healthy, and stays with you for a longer period of time!

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