Dog That is Fearful of Firecrackers Wears Ear Protection and Views Visuals to Remain Relaxed

People enjoy the thrill of firework exhibitions, particularly on New Year’s Eve when they set off vibrant but noisy bursts of light at home. They follow a long-standing custom of watching fireworks, eating delectable food, and making resolutions for the coming year.

However, fireworks can be extremely stressful for most dogs, despite their entertainment value for humans. When the loud booms and lights fill the sky, some dogs can experience severe anxiety and panic. Every year, hundreds of panicked dogs go missing across the country due to fireworks.

To avoid this, many pet owners go to great lengths to provide their pets with a safe and stress-free environment to spend the night in. In this instance, a dog owner came up with an innovative approach to keep her furry companion calm during the fireworks display.

Joey is a six-year-old golden retriever who is afraid of fireworks. To alleviate his fear and help him stay relaxed, his owner puts headphones on him and lets him watch videos on an iPad.

Emily, an 18-year-old residing in Fremont, California, who is one of Joey’s family members, posted a video of him on Twitter with the following caption:

“Due to his fear of fireworks, my mom played some dog videos for him.”

This concise tweet sparked an outpouring of empathy for adorable Joey, with almost 200k likes, 14k individuals expressing their support for the dog, and 120k retweets!

It appears that Joey has won the hearts of many, and numerous pet owners can identify with the desire to help their dogs remain calm during fireworks displays. In fact, his video was showcased on the well-known Today show.

Joey is clearly adored by his family. It makes us wonder how many dogs will be attempting to use headphones and an iPad as a diversion to calm their fears tonight.

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