Dog That Was Abandoned For Being Ugly Becomes The Most Adorable Pooch After Vets Performed Surgery On Him

Although we hate to admit it, most of us love dogs because of the way they look. We often picture the ideal dog to be cute and cuddly and most people don’t look past any imperfections that they may have. People often look past the old, sick, and disfigured dogs in the shelter when they’re the ones that need love the most. A dog named Bjarni is one of those dogs that were considered unattractive.

When Bjarni was rescued, his entire body was full of bite scars. He only had half of his nose, crooked teeth, and had trouble eating and breathing. Bjarni’s owners were located but they didn’t want him back. Even when they were actually told that there was a possibility that Bjarni would be euthanized, they didn’t care at all.

Thankfully, the cofounder of St. Francis’ Angels, Anne Graber, heard about Bjarni. She was heartbroken when she saw how horrible his condition was. So, Anne decided to take Bjarni into their shelter and treat his injuries. She knew that Bjarni had little to no chance of getting adopted because of the way he looked and there was a big possibility that the shelter would just euthanize him.

Thankfully, veterinarians from the Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists decided to intervene and help Bjarni. They performed surgery on him that fixed his face and also helped him with his breathing and eating problems. After Bjarni’s surgery to completely realign his face, he was finally able to breathe and eat properly.

Despite having been through so much pain, Bjarni is still friendly to humans and even to other dogs. He loves to play and didn’t care about the limitations caused by his disfigurement. Bjarni just wanted to be around kind people who let him experience love.

Eventually, Bjarni’s story went viral and he has since found a forever home that loves him for what he is. His new family accepted him with open arms and his home is filled with love and plenty of treats. To forget his past, Bjarni was renamed, Hogan. Thanks to Anne, her team, and the veterinarians who helped Hogan, he’s finally able to experience happiness. Here’s a heartwarming video featuring Hogan and how his life was changed thanks to kindhearted people who gave him a second chance.

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