Dog With Expanding Growth Relinquished for Euthanasia, Now Living its Best Life

This narrative revolves around Hattie, a unfortunate canine who was surrendered to a shelter with the intention of euthanizing her due to a massive tumor that had been growing on her side for over 2 years. However, Vet Ranch and her devoted rescuers held a different perspective and chose to offer her a second chance.

Dallas Dog Rescue Rehab Reform described Hattie as “perhaps one of the most challenging owner surrenders we’ve encountered.”

Dr. Karri from Vet Ranch received the dog and remarked that Hattie’s tumor was the largest he had ever witnessed.

Hattie lacked stability as the tumor burdened her. Dr. Karri further noted that Hattie utilized the tumor as a makeshift cushion for resting.

Fortunately, Dr. Karri skillfully performed a surgery to successfully remove the 15-pound tumor! As a result, Hattie’s appearance has been completely transformed, resembling that of a rejuvenated canine.

The fortunate aspect was that Hattie transitioned into a foster home where she could continue her healing process. Moreover, her rescuers were able to locate a permanent home for her, ensuring a lifetime of care and love.

What an incredible metamorphosis! She was on the brink of being euthanized, but destiny had a different plan in mind! What a joyous conclusion!

Watch the video below.

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