Dog with severe burns could finally regain his sight after the removal of his bandages

This story is about Buddy, an adorable dog who suffered severe burns after being intentionally set on fire. The injured dog was quickly taken to Mississippi State University for treatment and stayed there for approximately 7 months. Afterward, he was placed in a foster home to aid in his recovery.

To safeguard his healing progress, Buddy now wears an e-collar, and a small one-inch-wide spot between his eyes requires a bandage for protection as it is healing slowly.

Buddy has been improving steadily ever since his story gained widespread attention and he received top-notch medical attention from the veterinarians at Mississippi State.

Fortunately, his bandages were removed, and he appears much more content. Currently, he is residing in a foster home, and Tunica Humane Society has expressed the desire for him to find a permanent residence.

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