Dogs React To Their Owner Stealing Their Bed

Dogs love to sleep on their owner’s beds. But look at what happens when the tables are turned.

Does your dog like to sleep in your bed? What would happen if you tried to sleep in theirs? This owner decided to find out what his huskies would do if he made himself comfy on their dog bed, and he made a video of their reaction.

Owner Eric made himself comfortable on the dog bed without his huskies watching. He laid down on the bed and even though his legs hung over the side. Then he settled in as if he were going to take a nap.

His three husky dogs didn’t notice right away, but the cats did. Soon, the cats wanted to get on the bed with him and they snuggled right down alongside their dad. Well, that got the dogs’ attention and soon they were on the way to check things out.

The first husky, Yuki, arrived and began inspecting the bed, Eric, and the kitty in it. Kitty soon got tired of the interruption and took off. Which made Yuki very happy because now there was room for one more.

Soon, Yuki pawed at Dad and then laid down beside him and began kissing him. Apparently, this pup was more than happy to snuggle with Dad on the bed. But then, along came Olive who seemed a little jealous.

But no worries, Yuki is willing to share after Olive paws the bed. Yuki is willing to give up the spot so Olive can have her turn next to Dad. But Olive had a hard time getting comfortable and just sat there watching everything going on.

Then Monty arrives and wants his turn. But Olive gives him a big no signal and decides that she can lay down next to Dad to make sure there isn’t any room for poor Monty. She looks pretty pleased with herself, too.

But soon, Olive walks away and Monty takes his turn. He hurries into the bed and begins to paw at Dad and wants lots of loving. Dad isn’t getting a nap with Monty in the bed with him, that’s for sure. But that’s okay because Monty is irremissible and is soon getting lots of love and belly rubs.

We hope you enjoyed this super cute video of these adorable huskies. As always, please feel free to share it with your friends.

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