Dora The Pit Bull Loves Her Brother More Than Catching Raindrops

This pittie adores playing and jumping in the rain but she loves her human brother even more.

Dora the adorable pit bull loves the rain. In fact, she likes it so much that when the drops begin to drop from the sky, she begs to be let outside so she can leap and play and try to catch all the raindrops before they reach the ground.

It is clear, playing in the rain is one of her favorite things. And, when she can’t play in the rain, she’ll settle for the water hose but it’s just not the same.

But there is one thing that Dora loves more than jumping in the rain: her little human baby brother, Teddy. She has adored Teddy from the moment he arrived home for the first time.

When he was in his stroller, Dora would watch over him to make sure he was okay. She was always close by and interested in what he was doing. Wherever Teddy was, she was right there beside him.

She also loved to mimic Teddy. When Teddy learned to roll over, Dora was there rolling over with him. When he learned to eat off a spoon, Dora wanted to get a treat from the spoon, too. They were so close that when they lay next to each other, Teddy would even hold Dora’s paw as if they were holding hands.

As Teddy grew and learned to walk, Dora began to follow him around. She loved to play with him and chase him around the house. The two truly are best friends, inseparable, and so lucky to have each other.

As Teddy grew bigger, their love kept growing, too. Soon, Teddy was old enough to go on walks with Dora with him holding her leash. They love to play with each other in the backyard while Teddy holds the water hose so she can chase the spray.

Now that Teddy is bigger, their roles have reversed, and he chases her. The sweet pittie is super gentle with him and will always have his back. They truly are best friends and share a very special bond.

We hope you enjoyed this sweet video of Teddy and his sweet dog, Dora. The two are adorable together and a great example of the special love a child can share with their dog. Please feel free to share with your friends.

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