Elderly canine discovered famished and dejected, continued wagging its tail uncontrollably upon being saved

This narrative recounts the story of Holden, an emaciated dog who weighed only 22 pounds when he was brought to an overcrowded shelter by the police following a drug raid.

When Holden arrived at the shelter, there was no room available, so they made a request for assistance, specifying that he should weigh at least 14 lbs. However, Holden weighed just 25 lbs. He was extremely famished and attempted to eat whatever he could find, including cat food from the cat kennels.

Neglected senior dog with tumor

Due to the lack of available space, the shelter was forced to keep Holden in the intake area on a large, comfortable blanket. However, the shelter staff was determined to locate a suitable location for him outside of the shelter, as he was very amiable and well-behaved.

At that point, Releash Atlanta took in the ten-year-old Labrador mix. Upon examination, they discovered that he had a tumor weighing 7 pounds! The tumor was impacting crucial life functions such as breathing and eating, making it quite challenging for him since it was attached to his spleen.

Fortunately, the dog underwent a successful surgery and continued to wag his tail repeatedly, even though his head remained lowered. He was subsequently placed in the care of an experienced rescuer named Melissa Lentz, who was delighted to welcome him into her home.

Holden was hunched over during his car ride to his new home, still exhausted and frightened. However, as time passed, Holden began to regain weight and is currently residing in his temporary home until he finds a permanent residence.

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