Elderly Dog Abandoned on the Streets Receives Necessary Assistance

It’s not unusual to expect nothing out of the ordinary when you go for a drive. However, there are moments when a routine drive can alter your life forever.

Such an event occurred when a motorist observed an item on the road. Although it was a dog, the animal was in such a terrible condition that it was barely recognizable.

Thankfully, DAR Animal Rescue was available to offer assistance. Despite the late hour, they responded promptly to retrieve Big Ben and address his issues.

They posted on YouTube that they were aware that Big Ben had been deserted and identified that he was an older dog. They also acknowledged that he was in distress, although the exact cause was unclear.

They acted swiftly to transport him to a veterinary hospital. They needed to use a muzzle on the dog for safety reasons, but the veterinarian kindly accommodated them by keeping the clinic open late into the night.

Following the examination, the rescuers were informed by the veteran that Big Ben was suffering from various ailments. He had arthritis, a frail heart, and multiple disorders like anaplasia and leishmaniasis.

The most astonishing fact was Big Ben’s age. They learned that he was approximately 18 years old, and it is regrettable that someone abandoned him to fend for himself.

Big Ben was brought to a veterinary clinic where he could receive proper care. After a few weeks of tender loving care, he started to show signs of improvement. He was later transferred to a shelter where he could receive medication and extra attention.

Due to his age, Big Ben won’t be put up for adoption. He will reside in the shelter under the care of DAR Animal Rescue, who will strive to provide him with a comfortable life for the remainder of his days.

Watch the video below.

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