Emotional Moment When A Grieving Dog Meets His New Mom

Tyson’s owner had passed away about 5 days prior when the police found the dog in the apartment they shared.

The police called Twenty Paws Rescue, who came and picked up Tyson and took him into foster care. But Tyson was grieving for his owner and very sad. He didn’t want to leave his kennel but they were not about to give up on him.

The dog was scared and refused to interact but they continued to try. Once they gained his trust, he was willing to go for a walk outside and noticed that he was limping on one of his back legs.

So, they took him to the emergency animal hospital where they discovered he was underweight but that his paw would be fine. They were told Tyson would physically make a full recovery but it remained to be seen if his broken heart would heal.

Tyson stayed in foster care while they looked for any extended family that might have known him. But after two months, he was still in foster care but making strides and meeting doggy friends.

Slowly Tyson was learning to trust his fosters. Meanwhile, they continued to search for the perfect home. Then they received an email from Sarah, who had been following Tyson’s story on social media.

Sarah applied to adopt Tyson and then the day came that they would meet for the first time. His fosters expected him to be shy and reserved with her but were hopeful that they would be able to bond.

But they didn’t need to worry, because when Sarah walked in, Tyson stood up to meet her. This was huge for Tyson and soon he offered her his paw and was cuddling in her lap. Sarah even brought him a soft sheep and he immediately took it from her.

Tyson had found the perfect new mom to love him and was soon on his way to his new home. He checked everything out and even met a new doggy friend. He settled in relaxed and comfortable with his new mom.

After such a terrible trauma, he was finally in a new home where he’d be safe and loved. No one can take away the pain of his loss but they can help him overcome his grief and give him a great life.

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