Emotionally Struggling Marine Veteran Overwhelmed by Surprise Puppy Gift

A Military Veteran Received an Unexpected Christmas Surprise: a Puppy. Peter Coukoulis has been battling with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) since his transition to civilian life three years ago, and his mother, Dena, believed that getting a dog trained as a service animal could be beneficial for her son.

In the heartwarming video below, Peter is assisting his family with decorating the kitchen for Christmas when they present him with a beautifully wrapped box. The slightly ajar box hints at its contents.

Initially unsure why his family is giving him a gift ahead of time, Peter opens the box and a small Beagle puppy peeks out. As soon as he lays eyes on the adorable pup, Peter becomes overwhelmed with emotion, shedding tears of joy. He carefully lifts his new companion, cradling her affectionately and giving her a tender kiss.

Reflecting on this touching moment, Dena shared, “The puppy has already brought immense positive changes to Peter’s life, bringing happiness after a challenging three-year period.”

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