Family Rescues Deformed-Faced Puppy and Embraces Him with Love as He Is

Although Arrow the dog had a dreadful start to life, he appears to be as joyful as depicted in his photos and videos. Given his pitiful condition as a puppy, one would have expected a tragic outcome.

He could not have fathomed that destiny would grant him such kind-hearted parents, who would love and care for him unconditionally, even with his severe deformities.

Arrow was in a terrible condition when the animal rescue group PMM Rescue Inc. first rescued him as a newborn. Medical experts found that his jaw had been severely fractured due to a vicious dog attack, and regrettably, they couldn’t save his right lower jaw.

The decayed bone emitted an odor reminiscent of a decomposing body, necessitating its removal. As a result, the veterinary team had no option but to amputate the lower right portion of the jaw entirely and partially amputate the upper right side.

Dr. Sidhu, based in Bakersfield, California, performed the challenging and time-consuming operation on Arrow, devoting several hours to it. His dedication was to ensure the little dog’s well-being and save his life before concluding the procedure.

Although the attack left permanent scars on his youthful face, his positive and upbeat personality has remained unaffected.

Arrow’s heartwarming tale became famous through a beautiful film, which portrays his traumatic beginnings and the resilient and radiant character he has evolved into due to the continuous outpouring of love.

Arrow relishes making a mess while eating, playing baseball, learning new skills, drinking water, and going on walks with his parents in the evening, despite his physical limitations or defects. Even at the age of two, he has maintained his puppy’s spirit and has been lively and animated throughout the day, knowing that he is the most cherished member of the family. Consequently, he does what he pleases, and his family accepts him for who he is.

Although his family is accustomed to running after him in the house, cleaning up after him, and collecting the kibbles that spill from his crooked mouth while eating, his owner wouldn’t trade him for anything. Arrow’s extraordinary story emphasizes that a person or a puppy’s worth has nothing to do with their appearance. As the Little Prince famously stated, “What is essential is invisible to the eye.”

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