Family Surrenders Loyal Dog at Shelter Due to Anticipated Arrival of Their Baby

Dogs perceive their family as their pack and would never forsake them. It is crucial for individuals to regard dogs as integral family members rather than disposable possessions during life transitions. A caring 3-year-old German Shepherd named Rocco was abandoned by his family upon learning of their upcoming baby.

In the confines of a kennel at Dallas Animal Services, Rocco cowered and trembled anxiously, resembling a quivering leaf. His family had left him there, leaving him bewildered and questioning his situation with sorrowful eyes. He silently implored, “Why am I here?” to anyone who passed by. The shelter environment can be highly distressing, with unfamiliar scents, sounds, and faces.

A lady who was visiting the shelter observed Rocco trembling with fear. She decided to capture a video and share it online, hoping that a rescue organization would come forward to provide a safe haven for this gentle dog. Preethi Pillaipakkam, a foster caregiver affiliated with DFW German Shepherd Rescue, came across the video and promptly headed to the shelter to rescue Rocco.

“The shelter environment is certainly not suitable for a dog like Rocco,” Pillaipakkam expressed to The Dodo. “He displayed extreme timidity and reluctance when it came to getting into the car. He even sought refuge beneath the car seat. It was evident that he was feeling anxious and stressed, as he paced around.”

Rocco was malnourished, tipping the scales at a mere 60 pounds. Pillaipakkam brought Rocco to her home to provide a calming environment and help him regain confidence. Initially, Rocco exhibited extreme shyness and appeared bewildered about his surroundings. However, with the assistance of another German Shepherd residing in the household, Rocco gradually began engaging in play with toys.

“This marks a significant milestone for Rocco, who had experienced a complete emotional shutdown,” shared Pillaipakkam on an exclusive Instagram page dedicated to Rocco.

A multitude of applications flooded in for Rocco following the widespread circulation of his shelter video. Fortunately, a fortunate woman was selected to become Rocco’s new owner. He will now spend his days frolicking with another canine companion and enjoying affectionate moments with his new family. Rocco’s new owner has taken charge of his Instagram page, so remember to stay tuned and follow for future updates on Rocco.

We extend our heartfelt wishes for boundless happiness in his life. Gratitude is expressed to all those who played a part in rescuing him.

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