Female Coonhound Patiently Waits For Her New Bone To Be Given To Her, And Her Quick Reflexes When Mom Finally Handed It Over Is The Bomb

If you’re ever at PetSmart and see a Coonhound, check and see if that dog is patient and calm. That’s usually how this breed behaves, even when they’re excited about something.

This particular Coonhound was eagerly waiting for her new bone, and once she got it, she immediately started nibbling on it. Her quick reflexes when Mom finally handed it over is the bomb!

Imagine lounging around the house and thinking nothing special’s gonna happen. You’re content to just wait around when suddenly, you hear mom calling your name.

You go to her and she hands loads you into a waiting car. You look at the marvelous scenery passing you by, and then you see your final destination.

In this dog’s case, the final destination was PetSmart. Imagine the dog’s surprise when he saw the familiar store. Something tells us that this dog frequently visits this store, judging by how she reacted to the sight.

The Coonhound looked at her mom, as though to ask if this was real, and mom just chuckled. Pretty soon, they were inside the store, and mom was picking out treats for her dog.

The pet obediently went with whatever mom did, and when this dog’s human held up a bone for her to sniff, the Coonhound’s eyes went wide.

Was she going to get a new bone? That question wasn’t answered until they were inside the car, ready to go home.

Mom handed the bone over, and the Coonhound didn’t waste much time. She immediately took it and joyfully started to nibble on her new bone.

This feeling is equivalent to when somebody unexpectedly buys you ice cream.

We hope you enjoy this little story about a dog that patiently waited for her treat, and then enjoyed every minute of it! Please share with all your friends, and don’t forget to have fun doing so!

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