Friendly Dog Rescued After Former Owner Shot Her Head With An Arrow

Residents of Lapeer County, Michigan were stunned when they saw a black dog roaming around the streets with a long arrow sticking out of her head. They don’t know how she is still alive and walking with such a brutal injury. But it was imperative that the pooch get medical attention right away.

Some kind souls called the local authorities, and rescuers came right away. The dog was taken to a volunteer-based animal sanctuary in Newport called the Devoted Barn. They have a dedicated medical team that was waiting for the injured dog.


Vets quickly operated on the dog and removed the projectile. Incredibly, the arrow missed any vital organs or veins. There was minimal blood loss, which helped her survive for so long. After her treatment, the dog was given a clean and comfortable kennel where she could recuperate.

In the meantime, the authorities launched an investigation, and in no time, they arrested and charged the man that shot the dog. The investigators learned that the two-year-old pup’s name was Gemma. Her former owner used a crossbow on her. He didn’t give a reason why he did the cruel act.

Looking for a loving home

Gemma is a very happy and friendly pooch, according to the sanctuary staff. She is very active and loves to play in open spaces. Even after suffering an unbelievable injury, the dog remained true to her fun character. This is why it makes them wonder how the former owner could even think about harming his pet.

Gemma has recovered fully from her injuries, and it seems that there were no lasting effects, physically or emotionally. The rescue organization is now looking for people willing to give her a loving home. Hopefully, this time, she will find a family who will see how precious she really is.

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