Frozen Cat Discovered Outdoors in Snow Is Revived By Veterinarian

This story reaffirms the notion that cats possess nine lives.

In Kalispell, Montana, the temperature plummeted to a mere ten degrees above zero when a motionless feline was discovered “essentially frozen” in the snow outside her residence. Fluffy, an outdoor cat, was located by her owner, entirely encased in massive snowballs clinging to her voluminous fur.

Acting swiftly, the woman gathered the cat and rushed her to the Animal Clinic of Kalispell. Dr. Jevon Clark recollected that Fluffy’s body temperature was so abysmally low upon arrival that it failed to register on the thermometer, which had a lower range of 90 degrees.

The healthcare team gradually endeavored to elevate Fluffy’s body temperature by employing warm blankets and warm water. After several hours, the cat’s temperature finally commenced ascending. She made a full recovery and is now in the company of her family, where she will now reside as an indoor cat.

The clinic shared the extraordinary account on Facebook, expressing, “Incredible tale of triumph and survival from this week. A few individuals discovered their injured feline concealed in snow. They brought her to us, where she arrived essentially frozen and showing no response. Her body temperature was extremely low, but after an extensive period, she made a full recovery and is now in perfect health. Fluffy is truly remarkable!”

It is truly miraculous that she endured such frigid temperatures. Her tale has become a sensation, spreading widely as people from all corners of the nation commend the medical personnel for rescuing Fluffy. Remember to bring your outdoor cats indoors during periods of perilously low temperatures.+

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