Giant dog watch over little girls at bus stop until he is sure they are safe

The dog in this video is constantly vigilant. Dogs are known for their loyalty and it’s one of the reasons we enjoy having them around. This trait has been bred into their nature. Dogs are pack animals and anyone who is part of the family is part of the pack. They will do whatever it takes to protect their pack.

It’s heartwarming to see how seriously this dog takes his duty.

A parent recorded what happens during school mornings between their daughters and their dog as they wait for the bus. The video shows not only the dog’s protective nature but also how sweet he is.

He’s getting ready to watch over them.

The cute video that has been circulating online shows the dog sitting still while the parent films nearby. It appears that the dog is keeping an eye out for the bus and making sure everything is in order.

He’s not messing around. One YouTube viewer commented:

“How cuteeeeeeeee!!! Animals have more sense than humans give them credit for!”

Dogs are often considered part of the family by their owners. It’s not surprising that they can feel the same way and exhibit protective behavior.

According to the Scottsdale Pet Hotel website, dogs have an innate desire to keep their family members safe. They explain that “protectiveness comes from a dog’s wolf ancestors and centuries of breeding, which means that dogs instinctively know when a human child is in need of care.”

There have been accounts of dogs accompanying young children into the wilderness to safeguard them – and other remarkable circumstances in which canines have earned recognition for their bravery.

In the following video, the dog may not be performing any extraordinary feats, but it serves as a fantastic illustration of the unwavering loyalty and protective nature of our pets, even on an average day.

Its actions seem to indicate, “Mom, I’m here for you.”

The most enjoyable aspect is the conclusion.

The highlight of the video is when the yellow school bus finally arrives.

The parent records the vehicle pulling up and the children slowly boarding. As they do so, the dog continues to sit and watch, even when his friends disappear into a seat.

He doesn’t budge an inch until the doors close shut. At that moment, he jumps up in an instant and trots back up the driveway to his owner.

He’s so adorably pleased with himself.

Watch how seriously this massive dog takes his job as a watchman in the video below!

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