Girl saves large dog from market. Deprived of affection, while all it desires is warmth and happiness

A pack of hostile dogs were confronted by a courageous individual when they assaulted a helpless sheepdog. The man then brought the large sheepdog home with him and made the decision to permanently adopt him. Upon seeing the dog, the man’s young daughter was ecstatic and chose to name him Dolph.

Subsequently, the man took the dog to a veterinarian for a thorough examination. Fortunately, the dog exhibited no health issues, but requires some weight gain. When the girl saw the dog’s return, she was filled with joy at having a new companion at home. The adorable dog now leads a wonderful life and thoroughly enjoys accompanying his owner on city adventures.

The dog’s fur sheds throughout the house, leaving the family with no choice but to acquire two robotic vacuum cleaners to gather the fur and maintain a clean home. Additionally, Dolph and the young girl share a genuine friendship, engaging in various activities together.

The girl adores her dog more than anything else and desires to be with him eternally.

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